Entertainment Legal


In the constantly changing landscape of the entertainment industry, with emerging technologies changing the shape of the market on what seems to be a daily basis, Bastien Trelcat, Managing Partner at Harvey Law Group has a proven track record in managing the delicate balance between consistency and flexibility.

With offices in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Manila, clients can expect a depth and breadth of support in their transactional issues throughout Asia. Harvey Law Group and Bastien Trelcat handle a broad range of legal matters in all areas of entertainment and interactive media for celebrities, VIPs, directors, producers, screenwriters, composers, recording artists, authors, publishers, production companies, financiers, and distributors.

Entertainment law in Asia, relatively at the early stage of its development, however is promising to a bright future and fast expansion. With Harvey Law Group and YSIS Entertainment, our clients not only benefit from local expertise dealing with sensitive and complicated legal issues, they will also enjoy the possibility to connect and build long term partnership with key players in the entertainment business.

Today, Bastien Trelcat is the entertainment lawyer established in the fastest growing area in the world. With industry recognition, Bastien provides a wide range of personalized services, combining the personal attention of a boutique with the strength and breadth of services customarily found only in a multi-office, regional firm, especially in the following fields:

  • Negotiate talent agreements
  • Structure agreements for executive producer, producers and staff members
  • Negotiate employment agreements for entertainment industry executives and talent agents
  • Provide general representation and legal work for a full range of producers,
    from fledgling companies to major studios
  • Advise entertainment clients in connection with business formation and estate planning
  • Advise entertainment clients on tax and investment
  • Negotiate and draft agreements for licensing, recording, distribution and merchandising agreements
  • Manage domain name acquisition, protection, recovery and dispute resolution.
  • Negotiate agreements for works on behalf of celebrities.
  • Provide guidance on incorporations and business formations.



Legal Partner

Before moving to Shanghai, Bastien Trelcat gained extensive professional background from various firms in France where he specialized in corporate laws.

In 2004, he relocated to Shanghai where he advised leading companies throughout China and Europe in M&A transactions, including structuring and negotiation of joint-ventures.

In 2012, he became a Partner at Harvey Law Group, the leading law firm with global offices, to assume operation for their 3 offices in Vietnam. He quickly setup Harvey Law Group’s offices in Bangkok, Yangon, Singapore, and soon Philippines. Bastien has developed strong networks throughout Asia to facilitate the freedom of movements, investments, and immigration.